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P.P. Chapters 7-9: I Think We Hit a Lull

5 May

First, sorry, Lauren, but I couldn’t wait any longer before continuing on with the next section of the book. 🙂

Second, these three chapters just seemed to kind of drag for me. Really, the only “meat” of the story was relayed in Chapter 8 (the incident at the mermaids’ lagoon), and the others were just bridges to get there and back again. There wasn’t much in terms of character development either. We know Peter is more interested in playing pranks/games than thinking before acting – case in point, mimicking Captain Hook and then revealing that it was Peter Pan (the sworn archenemy of Hook). I don’t know that I really liked the whole “every instance of unfairness is like the first instance” trait that Barrie created for Peter. There’s something to be said about someone being too gullible and wanting to give a person a second chance, but at some point s/he is going to have to learn his/her lesson.

If anything, the possibility of Peter and Wendy drowning on the rock after everyone else deserted them was one of the redeeming elements of this section. (Yes, I know it wouldn’t actually happen, it’s a children’s book, but the fact that Barrie would include such an episode made it intriguing.) However, I didn’t like how easily the predicament was solved. (Seriously, a kite and a bird’s nest? What is this.)

Here’s to hoping the next section of the book is a little more rewarding.